Monday, February 27, 2012

Where the bodies are buried

Whether it was Jack and the Twigleys who (in saving themselves that dark and stormy night) or the black sheep Armbrewster McTavitt and even blacker sheep Melvinster Garamond who (in losing the wine, the remains of the ship, and nearly their skins cheating at the card table (very likely)) served as the foundation of the legendary Hotel Garamond, one thing was certain: There had always been a Jack.

Through the long years of Hotel history, many famous and infamous visited; some even called it home for a while. And every Jack, whether suave, scruffy, or scary, made it the business of the Jack to know each visitor, his or her entourage and foibles, and most importantly, the exact nature of any skeletons in the …. well, you know…

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