Saturday, February 25, 2012

One possible explanation

On the morning after that dark and stormy night, when the bright morning light gave away no hint of the terrible terribleness of the preceding hours, Jack and the Twigley brothers set about taking stock of the situation. The very first effort to which they turned their skills and energy was to protect the ship's valuable cargo. They took a little of the ship and a little of the shore and a little of the forest beyond and build a shelter for themselves and for their precious bottles of wine. It was that first Jack, Jack Primero, who realized that the storm and sea gods had preserved them and their wine cellar to be and that to squander that gift would be to court disaster ever after.

Now, some of the Jacks were suave and some were scruffy and some were even somewhat scarey, but all of the Jacks were smart. It was Jack Tierce, Jack-the-Trey, who convinced Twigley descendants - products of the original Twigley brother love matches with the natives - to offer bottles of not so select vintage to travelers. And, as there were no other waystations for miles in any direction, the fortunes of the once-unfortunate shipwrecked began to improve, beyond their wildest dreams.

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