Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Reunion

The old port town was teeming with McTavitts. Every three years, the clan gathered; this year was Oswald’s turn to act as host. As befitting a proper host, he met each guest at the dock and showed each one to lodgings in and around town that he’d selected with a keen understanding of both purse and personality.

Finbar McTavitt was the first to arrive. He’d brought Minerva, his pet turtle, as he always did. Oswald had arranged for him to stay in faculty lodgings at St. Crispin's School for Girls. Luckily, there was room enough in the facility to accommodate Finbar’s surprise guest – someone Finbar claimed was a distant McTavitt cousin. Oswald noted that there was something of a family resemblance about the fellow.

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