Friday, February 24, 2012

The pursuit commences

Montgomery Fortescue McTavitt was waiting. He'd been waiting, since 9:00, in one of the small salons provided by the Hotel Garamond to its elite customers. He was waiting for his nephew, Archibald, and Montgomery F. McTavitt did not like to wait. That characteristic, the only characteristic in fact, was one he shared with his niece Maud.
It was time and long past time for reckoning. Archibald had shown no sign of living up to the assurances he'd given his uncle during the last McTavitt reunion... reassurances about fiscal responsibility, taking a greater interest in the affairs of the family and its business holdings in the old port town, and generally becoming a more respectable member of the community.
Now the constabulary were making inquiries, and Archibald was not to be found.

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