Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canvassing the Waterfront

Departmental budgetary allowances for undercover gear were quite limited for members of the constabulary in the old port town. Still, it was something of a surprise for Constable Benhardie to find that Constable Wilburton had chosen the exact same rig for their assignment. If their department issue shoes didn’t give away their identities, dressing alike surely would.

Wilburton, the senior officer, realized the futility of a subtle approach and ordered Benhardie to put his badge back on. Perhaps a symbol of authority might get results.

They’d questioned all the regulars: Baxter and Ambrose from the Garamond, and Zeke the bird guy. They’d even managed to corner McTavitt, but none of them admitted to seeing the oldest DeFiorini girl, Rosa Maria, let alone spending any time with her. Her younger twin sisters were frantic, and their ship was about to sail.

No one thought to ask Puff, who was still sulking in her cabin.

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