Sunday, February 19, 2012

Revenge is...

Tallulah McTavitt was not happy. As far as she could tell, Cousin Oswald had let her down. First, he’d promised luxury transport to convey her to the Hotel Garamond, and it had becoming increasingly clear, as day edged into night, that she would actually have to make her own way there. Second, he’d promised a suitable escort to accompany her to various McTavitt family functions, and the escort, like the transportation, had not been in evidence. Third, when she finally arrived at the Hotel Garamond, she discovered that the Contessa suite was not available for her use… something about some other guests needing it because of a family emergency. And fourth, and perhaps the most heinous offense that he could have committed, Cousin Oswald had registered her under her birth name, Maud, rather than her chosen name, Tallulah. Now any snooping paparazzi could discover that glamorous TALLULAH, star of stage and screen (well, some well received off-off-off productions and an option on several promising properties), was, in reality, little Maudie McTavitt. Oh, yes, Tallulah McTavitt was not happy at all.

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