Friday, February 10, 2012


Rumor – that which most profess to reject but all secretly relish – rumor had it that in the lowest wine cellar of the Hotel Garamond, there was a ship. Perhaps it was merely a boat, maybe just a single ship’s timber, but a ship – embellished (or perhaps accurately reported) to be a privateer’s caravel – made a much more satisfying story to tell.

Should a tourist express doubt or curiosity or the tiniest degree of reaction at all, Boyle, Beasle, and Throckmorton, the bards of the hotel bar, seized the opportunity to expand the tale and to have a drink or two of theirs tacked on to their listeners’ tabs.

Inevitably the question arose: how did a ship turn up in the basement of the vast, rambling enterprise known as the Hotel Garamond?

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  1. Consider me a tourist with a great deal of curiosity. I would implore the bards of the bar, BB&T, to expand their tale.