Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Captain's Fate

And, on this ill-lit, ill-winded, ill-fated night, did not the crew struggle mightily to sail the ship somehow, some way, to some place? Aye, they did. And did they not consider abandoning the great vessel and taking chance upon the longboats? Aye, they did consider, but they did not abandon. And did they not notice that the captain, whom they all did much dislike, stood near to the longboat for a time and a time longer and then suddenly both captain and boat were gone? Nay, they did not notice that.

With one lightning glance to see that Twigley attention was turned elsewhere, the captain slipped over the side, into the longboat, and toward the distant shore. Neither Beasle nor Boyle, nor even the customarily garrulous Throckmorton, has much to say regarding the fate of the captain.

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