East Dudleystoke Hastings, Middlethorpe and Environs

Malvernia Jarvis
Malvernia Jarvis, an eminent resident, perhaps the preeminent resident, of the village of East Dudleystoke Hastings, Middlethorpe might, in the privacy of her own boudoir, confess to succumbing - ever so slightly, mind - to the temptation of vanity.
"Still," she thought to herself (Was there any other way TO think but to oneself, she wondered?) one day last week while she was dressing for the monthly luncheon and business meeting of the Executive Steering Committee of the Charitable Works and Benevolent Society of the Villages of East Dudleystoke Hastings and Baghill Underwood (Combined), "standards must be upheld. As Madame President, I have an obligation, nay - a duty, to the other members of the Executive Steering Committee to set an example. "
Her own mother, a formidable woman in her prime, had taught Malvernia about the importance of good posture, refined bearing, and understated elegance, and of the way a "just perfect" darling little handbag could set off an otherwise simple frock to great advantage. And, if the other members of the CW&BS, EDH/BU(C) were a little envious of her style and savoir faire, well, more the fools they, n'est-ce pas?
School Girls
Kelsey, Samantha, and Donna Marie, all first-years at St. Crispin's School for Girls, chafed against the dress code and found ways to compensate for the drabness of their uniforms. Later, reflecting on the experience, each would say, "I knew immediately that we'd be BFFs."
Jeremy knew that scrutiny of the tiny details - his choice in music, perhaps, or the contents of the shelves in his university office - would reveal the interests he had that were not quite in keeping with the position he held in the economics department. Still, as long as he wore the tweedy trousered, turtlenecked, and scratchy wool sweatered uniform of the academic, he could generally avoid any really serious trouble with the authorities.
Gabriella (in a dream?)
Gabriella kept the letter even though she had every word memorized. She could hardly believe she'd been chosen out of so many. And now here she was, summer frock swirling around her slender frame and the lights of the city - the BIG CITY - shining through the windows.