Even Odder Fellows

A few really Odd Fellows that need a separate section of their own.

Sibling Rivalry
There was something about the new guy and even though Bowser and Reginald weren't sure exactly what it was, they were learning to r-e-a-l-l-y dislike it. For one thing, he didn't like the same activities they did, and for another, he seemed to be able to captivate every person in the room no matter how cute the other two obviously were being. He might just have to go.
Garden Party

An older couple, the Fontaines - Margeaux and Erich, had recently opened the summer place after wintering on the islands and had thrown a little get-together to celebrate the season, their friends, and their return to the neighborhood. The party seemed to be a success with everyone chatting and catching up with each other. That is, everyone except Peter was. He was pulling a long face again; James had lured Saundra aside and was saying something to her, in tones clearly not meant to be overheard.