Interesting Characters in the Old Port Town

Bertrand and Arabella
People say they were made for each other, but Bertrand and Arabella knew it would never work. They were from different worlds. She knew it every time she saw him. His casual elegance and worldly demeanor made her feel the awkward and shy, unsophisticated creature she knew in her heart she really was.
Marguerite Mary and the Old Crowd from College

Rosalind and Mackenzie both said that Marguerite Mary had let herself go since college, but secretly Parker thought that Marguerite Mary looked fabulous and like she was living the kind of life that she, Parker, would have done if only she'd been brave enough.
Gregory wasn't quite sure just what he was feeling, but he was pretty sure that another cup of coffee would be a bad idea.
On the Beach
Fate, and the memory of an epic wave and a woman who smelled of apple blossoms and honey, had brought him to this remote island and this raggle-taggle bunch of hopefuls. If they wanted to ride the big board, he would teach them, he supposed.
Nicholas thought of himself as a modest man, with simple tastes really, who lived a life of principle, particularly the principle that "a man's home is his castle."

Phoebe thought this COULD be the one. She'd done everything with care. She was meeting for coffee (only!) in a public place. She'd dressed in her best. She was carrying a yellow flower so she'd be easily recognized. But didn't it always seem to work out this way? On such an important day, she'd awoken with a breakout, right on her face. Perhaps it wasn't that noticeable. She hoped not.
Some days were harder than others. Trina sometimes felt empty inside; she pasted on a smile and persevered.

Zeke, as far as anyone knew, was just the "wild bird guy" who made some cash when the cruise ships were in port. For a few bucks, he'd perch one of his feathered accomplices on a tourist shoulder or outstretched hand, snap a grainy Polaroid, and send home a "treasured memento" of a day in paradise. As far as anyone knew, that is...