Sunday, February 26, 2012

A different explanation altogether

The wine survived, of that there is no doubt. And Jack Primero and the Twigley brothers lived to tell their tale of dark and stormy struggles...

But a contrary opinion to that esposed by Beasle, Boyle and especially Throckmorton held that wine was, ahem, salvaged by another agency entirely. It seems that the Captain, one Melvinster Garamond, might have survived the harrowing sturm und drang after all.

And, perhaps he had aid... perhaps there was one such who assisted in removing the wine, bottle by bottle, in several clandestine journeys conducted under the light of a strange and eerie moon and witnessed only by creatures curious enough to cross the pebbly strand that separated forest from surging surf.

And perhaps that aid took the form of the blackest sheep of the black sheep McTavitt clan? Perhaps it was Armbrewster McTavitt who did the spiriting of the spirits?

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