Monday, January 23, 2012

The Return of the Odd Fellows

I just received a post that the Thing-A-Day project will commence again. It's the sixth edition, and as yet, there's no word on the platform that will host it or where the projects will be found.

However.... receiving the news jump-started my enthusiasm for the Odd Fellows I created last year for that project. I made this blog then, but never actually opened the "Hotel Garamond."

At last I can report that all twenty-eight days of characters are here and waiting for the twenty-nine entries for this year.

I grouped the players on to several pages, according to the way I think of them. And I have found myself thinking of them in odd moments throughout the year. I have my favorites. I would love to learn which character other people favor.

To visit the project in chronological order, you can use this link:

That will take you to the Thing A Day site, with the Odd Fellows already selected for your viewing pleasure. Or, you can click any of the links to the pages on the right.

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